Understanding and preventing metabolic diseases

Prof. Rudolf Zechner is receiving the 2024 Jung Gold Medal for Medicine for his lifetime’s work in researching lipid and energy metabolism

Background Research:

Professor Rudolf Zechner is a prominent Austrian molecular biologist who has made significant contributions to the understanding of lipid and energy metabolism. His groundbreaking research primarily focuses on lipolysis, the metabolic process that breaks down fat stored in cells to release fatty acids and glycerol.

Zechner’s work reveals that a protein called adipose triglyceride lipase (ATGL) plays a crucial role in this metabolic process. The absence or malfunction of ATGL can lead to severe metabolic disorders such as obesity and diabetes.

He also contributed significantly towards the understanding of how free fatty acids affect insulin resistance, cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes.


1. Q: Who is Professor Rudolf Zechner?
A: Prof. Rudolf Zechner is an acclaimed Austrian molecular biologist known for his extensive work in researching lipid and energy metabolism.

2. Q: What did he receive the 2024 Jung Gold Medal for Medicine for?
A: He received this prestigious award for his lifetime’s work in researching lipid and energy metabolism which involves understanding how our body stores, uses, transports fats, and converts them into forms of energy necessary for bodily functions.

3. Q: How does Prof.He’s research contribute to our understanding of metabolic diseases?
A : His studies have particularly revealed the role played by certain proteins like ATGL in processing fats within our body’s cells – any disruption can lead to severe metabolic diseases such as obesity or type-2 diabetes, making these findings instrumental in devising effective measures against these health conditions.

4 .Q: Why are his findings important?
A: Prof.He’s breakthroughs have illuminated areas related to fat storage processes & their effects on different diseases ranging from cholesterol/diabetes issues all through heart disease thus broadening potential preventive measures/treatment strategies available today.

5 .Q :What more can be expected from Dr.Zechner’s ongoing research pursuits?
A: While he remains at the forefront of lipid metabolism research, we can anticipate further pioneering insights that may unlock innovative therapeutic methods for metabolic disorders.


Prof. Rudolf Zechner is receiving the 2024 Jung Gold Medal for Medicine for his lifetime’s work in researching lipid and energy metabolism

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