#FreiburgEntscheidetSich: Initiative zur Organspende startet

Gemeinsame Initiative von Stadt Freiburg, Universitätsklinikum Freiburg, Bundesverband der Organtransplantierten und mehr als 20 Akteuren aus Sport, Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft wirbt für die Entscheidung in Sachen Organspende

Background Research:

Organspende (Organ donation) is a crucial process that literally saves lives. In Germany, despite the advances in medical technology, there is a significant shortage of organ donors. The German Organ Transplantation Foundation (DSO) reported that as of 2020, there were around 9,400 people waiting for an organ donation in Germany.

To address this issue and encourage more people to sign up an initiative has been set up in the city Freiburg under the campaign #FreiburgEntscheidetSich. This initiative is supported by Stadt Freiburg, Universitätsklinikum Freiburg, Federal Association of Organ Transplanted Persons (Bundesverband der Organtransplantierten), and over 20 actors from fields such as sports, business and society.


1. What is #FreiburgEntscheidetSich?
– It’s an awareness campaign launched in Freiburg to encourage more residents to decide on becoming organ donors.

2. Who are the key stakeholders behind this initiative?
– Stadt Freiburg Government, Universitätsklinikum Freiburg(Freibourg University Hospital), Bundesverband der Organtransplantierten(Federal Association of Organ Transplanted Persons), along with over 20 notable figures from different sectors like sports industry and businesses are backing this initiative.

3. Why was it necessary to initiate this program?
– Despite modern medicine advancements significantly enhancing post-transplant survival rates & quality of life for recipients , there remains a critical shortage in available organs compared to individuals needing transplants in Germany.

4. How can I participate or contribute towards it?
– As part of the process you can register yourself as potential donor after adequate counseling & consideration about decision . Largely , public motivation events will be created within framework which would assist residents for understanding due dilegence required alongside work of medical specialists .

5. Where can I get more information about this initiative?
– Further details for the initiative can be seen on the official press release on the link: http://idw-online.de/de/news831562.

6. Why is this campaign targeted in Freiburg?
– This detailed information wasn’t stated in press release however frequency of such campaigns depends additionally over unique characteristics within respective region like past donation rates , public opinion towards organ donation and availability of transplantation related expertise & facilities . The impact made here would provide valuable data points to be leveraged within similar contexts elsewhere in nation .

7. Is there any risk associated with being an organ donor?
– Posthumous organ donations usually do not present physical risks for donor , however it can bring up emotional considerations for family members discussing their wishes prior to passing . For living donor cases like kidney or a portion liver transplantations – It’s an intricate surgical procedure that carries with complications risks as similar within major surgeries which should be thoroughly understood and prepared for by potential donors .

8. Has there been any previous initiatives similar to #FreiburgEntscheidetSich?
– Globally, several awareness campaigns have been conducted previously addressing shortage crisis, but specific details concerning direct precedent campaign formats weren’t given in resources at hand.

9. What is the projected outcome from #FreiburgEntscheidetSich?
– While exact goals wasn’t specified generally such campaigns primarily aim increasing number registered donors while enhancing overall public discussion & awareness towards topic which indirectly facilitates higher future willingness levels .


Gemeinsame Initiative von Stadt Freiburg, Universitätsklinikum Freiburg, Bundesverband der Organtransplantierten und mehr als 20 Akteuren aus Sport, Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft wirbt für die Entscheidung in Sachen Organspende

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